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    Get Alarmed Dont Be A Victim of Crime.


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    Get Alarmed Dont Be A Victim of Crime.

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:34 pm

    Alarmwise Intruder Alarm Installers in Bromley, this time of year is the worse time for burglaries, now and till Christmas burglaries increase by 40%, if you have an intruder alarm that isn't working, get it fixed or if you thinking about getting an alarm system now is the time, don’t become a victim. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t think about having an alarm until they have been broken into and we see the devastation and heartbreak this causes.

    The wireless alarms, Visonic PowerMax, Pyronix Enforcer 32we & Risco Agility 3, are the most popular with new technology which can installed in 2-3 hours, with a hassle free installation, no mess or disruption to your home. All these have a standard PSTN on board which are self monitoring, so no contracts and monitoring fees. These are Professional Grade II alarms not DIY kits.

    Nothing deters burglaries more than an intruder alarm, so if you haven't got an alarm system get a Dummy Bell Box on your property. We sell on eBay, our modern Dummy Bell Boxes (postage free of charge) with our Logo which we use for all our installations.

    If you want any advise on your security needs please contact us. Post Below or email, more information can be found at

    Have a look at this, you may find this interesting.

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