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    Make It Happen



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    Make It Happen

    Post  vipluis on Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:38 pm

    [Kardinal Offishall]
    Yo, naughty and ready
    Come to claim the party
    Kardinal and Red-1 are gon' spark the mic
    We massive from the West to the East side of Barn(?)
    All the weak sounds can't come it
    We sing, Oh Lord Mr. Kardinal style nice times twice
    Red-1 on the mic device mice times two
    Original imperial lyrical manifestations of freshness
    Best in these politics called rap music
    Abuse it like a pedophile on coke
    Eighth wonder of the world, tallest freestyle structure
    Flucuate a verb like Misfit
    With that on my team I wouldn't risk it
    That's the sound of my biscuit
    Ready flip it

    Yo, actions speak louder than words, so lets do this
    Don't know we business, don't know that we the rudest
    The specialist yes we must progress
    Gwan express manifest obtain and invest in self-interest
    And watch the fly multiply, Red-1 and Kardinal
    Yes you must recognize, to this I testify
    By the ways of the Samurai
    If I fail to make it happen, then I accept to die
    'Cause, no progress, that is a problem
    East vs. West, enough man are dead
    Stay penniless, that not work again
    Tell you what, we make it happen
    Occupied by vibes and not gun clapping
    Through rapping, we build foundations
    With this brings levels of realization
    If somebody got to rule, why can't we be the ones?

    [CHORUS: Saukrates]
    Deform your structure with no problem
    You thought you knew, but I am you times ten
    You want some of this and brign your foundation
    Seen, come again

    [Kardinal Offishall]
    Knock you out lilke my initials
    Evil style like Proctor-Gamble, on your life like Suge Knight
    We check them gwan write, we a respect them
    'Cause, them are our enemy we are dem no friend
    [Kardinal Offishall]
    When an MC lick hot, let them send them to the West
    Make Chemo drop beats 'til them less palm's fist
    Pump this a in your Beamer
    Yes we be the.. General Official
    Pedophiles when it comes to the instrumentals
    Combine styles, and commence with crackin'
    Conquer the world and Trump girls make it happen
    Rascalz in a dis with F-O-S specialist, no stress
    Watch how we big up our chest
    [Kardinal Offishall]
    I'm a hip hop trackster running
    Seen the other feet have a better chance of seeing the second coming of Christ the Lord
    He's my light and salvation, Mr. Kardinal combine with Red-1
    All de come down
    Original gun yapper, put down your water gun
    Whoever your God is, say your prayer and bye
    'Cause everybody a fin go, it your turn to die
    So why why why?
    Why must I be crucify, hey boy stop cry
    And identify who's on your side
    'Cause it ain't the Red-1 or the Kardinal


    Ayo, right now
    Right and now, if a boy fi test, he gon get licked down
    'Cause, that's how we like it
    It's absolute niceness
    [Kardinal Offishall]
    They not ???? if they you know you walk straight
    'Cause a man might debate, and if you really irate
    Put in your style bait fate, chosen by the devil
    While I reach the higher level, you steaming like a pale kettle
    So God sickle, let the big man handle this
    Under pressure, the situation's delicate
    Ready with the steadiness of a surgeon
    We write the version, like the goods of a virgin
    [Kardinal Offishall]
    Yo, all naughty walk to a pumpkin belly
    Jah lead enough niggas trying to buy Pelle Pelle
    With no food a in your belly
    Crip youth and smelly
    But your clothes look crisp
    Red-1 the lyricist
    And down the Offishall, when a shoot and miss
    M-I-C twin clips is what we armed with
    I check you a master of Kung-Fu
    If you got verbs and nerves to try to dis our crew
    [Kardinal Offishall]
    Yo might dis you
    If you try to run contest with our crew
    While we running with the majors
    Niggas going gold off their demos
    Strength coming from your peeps, while I'm solo like a rolo
    [Red-1] [chanting]

    [CHORUS x2]

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