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    You Can Still Wear Fashionable Shoes if You Have Bunions



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    You Can Still Wear Fashionable Shoes if You Have Bunions

    Post  mrthought on Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:00 am

    Shoes for bunions do not make you think of anything fashionable. Although even for a high fashion bunion sufferer, shoes for bunions are essential. Bunions are commonly caused by those stylish tight shoes.

    The basic qualities of shoes for bunions offer plenty of space for your toes and a strong support for your arches. Bunions will just become worse if you wear tight shoes that constrict toe movement. The top material should be malleable and spongy too. A favorable choice is shoes made of either worn leather or fabric, because these materials should not restrict movement since they are flexible.

    Generally vinyl shoes aggravate the bunion, as the material retains its shape and does not allow any movement.

    Wearing shoes that have high arch supports assists to maintain the proper alignment of the feet. Several shoes, particularly trainers, provide arch supports but if they do not you can purchase them separately. Arch supports are exceptionally significant for those who have flat feet.

    Bunions can also put a damper in your favorite activities such as sports, luckily there are special shoes available. Several shoes are designed exclusively for bunion sufferers, and the online stores are an excellent way of finding a good selection.

    For wide feet, shoe stores that offer shoe fitting services and a variety of widths may be helpful. You can also enlist the help of your podiatrist if needed.

    A pair of crocs is ideal, as these do not put undue pressure on the bunion and leave space for bunion pads to be worn. An old pair of shoes that are loose, sandals or clogs can help you through the bunion problem as well.

    When you purchase shoes, you should make your decision based on how they fit, not by what size they are. Make sure you stand up when trying on new shoes, and walk around the shop in them. You may not notice that some are too tight without trying to walk in them.

    Some shoes can be stretched by using a shoe stretcher. There is no guarantee that your shoes will be able to stretch sufficiently in order for them to be suitable for wear with bunion, but if you really find it difficult to part with a particular pair of shoes then it is certainly worth trying.

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