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    £5m funding agreed to improve Bromley schools


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    £5m funding agreed to improve Bromley schools Empty £5m funding agreed to improve Bromley schools

    Post  Staff on Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:34 pm

    Three Bromley secondary schools have been allocated a total of £5.3m towards new and improved buildings.

    The funding agreed by Bromley Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People, Councillor Ernest Noad, will benefit Newstead Wood, Darrick Wood and Hayes School. It is the first part of a big investment targeted at improving the post 16 provision of schools across the Borough between 2009 and 2013 - worth an estimated £12.97m based on predicted grant funding (see notes below).

    Under the three specific schemes approved so far by Councillor Noad, Newstead Wood receives £2.5m for a 2 storey classroom and office block, Darrick Wood gains £1.7m towards the cost of a new sixth form teaching block, and Hayes School is awarded £1m for its sixth form and a further £120,000 to establish an integrated unit for secondary aged pupils with speech and language difficulties.

    The investment follows the lobbying of central Government by Bromley Councillors and Officers as well as a consultation with all secondary schools in the Authority. The schools gave their full support to the adoption of capital asset management plans to identify developments. The money allocated so far has been made available to schools which are able to take immediate advantage of the capital available, particularly where planning permission has already been granted. Bromley Council is also bidding to secure further Building Schools for the Future (BSF) funding to help invest more capital as soon as possible to ensure the long term success of all secondary schools (see notes below).

    Councillor Noad said: “This is just the beginning of an extensive programme to secure and enhance the future success of secondary school education across the Borough. We have lobbied long and hard to secure these essential funds. Bromley is a high performing authority with a large number of the country’s most outstanding secondary schools. In order for us to continue this remarkable level of excellence and innovation among our young students and their teachers, the buildings in which they study and work must also be maintained. This is spending to save money long term by avoiding more costly rebuilds if nothing is done in the near future. We know that more funding is needed and we are working hard to achieve this.”

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