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    Coopers Gone Mad!


    Parent o

    Coopers Gone Mad!

    Post  Parent o on Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:16 pm

    As a parent of a child who currently attends Coopers College, I am utterly dismayed in the way the college is acting. It appears that the college is more interested in rules than education. Children are being sent home if they do not have a pencil case, if they have forgotten their planners, incorrect footwear, queuing outside the school office for over hour to wash off make up. What has happened to sending your child to school to get a full time education, half the school day is wasted sending children home for a pencil! Also how are we as parents and truant officers going to know who has been sent home or those who are hopping the wag? Come on Coopers Wake UP educate our kids, and stop wasting valuable time just because a child may have forgotten that pencil, put to much foundation on, wearing too much eye pencil, not wearing a blazer, wearing black plimsolls rather than leather shoes. You’re supposed to be running a school not a prison. It seems to me that you are making more of the kids rebellious with your stupid pathetic rules, which in no way, shape or form affects the ability to learn, if child wears a blazer or not it doesn't mean that child cannot add up or read book, but it means in coopers if you don’t wear the blazer or break one of their rules you can miss all morning at school to go home and get what the school requires, it sounds to me that the kids will be clapping their hands all the way home, "another morning out of school tomorrow I will put a bit to much make-up on or I will forget my pencil case, then I can go home again"! Don’t be blinded Coopers and stop wasting valuable teaching time.

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    Re: Coopers Gone Mad!

    Post  meodingu on Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:13 am

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