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    Using The Word



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    Using The Word

    Post  vipluis on Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:24 pm

    A man with the mask on a mountain
    Holding the cross in his blood covered hands
    Watching the symbol with respect
    Praising the lord for victory

    He led the troops into a battle
    Battle of might, glory and trust
    Under the flag of the goddess
    Surrounded by lies... and greed

    Killing a thousand years old culture
    Taking away the dream
    Wasting development
    Disturbing the peace

    Death sleeps on the fields
    Blood stained scenes artificial believes
    Using the word with the sword
    No difference, no soul at all

    Using the word means power
    Using religion as a shield
    Cleaning the scene from the unfit
    By forcing them live for greed!

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