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    Where I'm At

    Post  vipluis on Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:55 pm

    Yeah you got me,
    I'm up now, it's your loss
    Suffered to you
    History is like a point of no delay
    Keeps repeating itself, what else can I say
    You wondering why I act this way
    Never should have gave you the time of day
    I guess you know what time it is now ay

    There must of been a gust of wind
    Cause you change your mind everytime it blows
    And you just changed it a motherf-ckin again
    You just said you just wanted some dick 'fore I stuck it in
    I wouldnt of been such a prick to you
    Fuckin men you say you dont trust em
    Why do I hear the sound of toilets flushing
    Some shit is goin down
    You must've just not of been truthful from the start
    See for me it'd be nothing to say you never had my heart
    But I'd be lyin
    F-ckin see why they call this bullshit a relationship, ships sink
    And you know its love as soon as you fall in it cause shit stinks
    And it feels like everytime I fuckin do I get jynxed
    Cupid must've put a curse on me
    6 weeks have went buy and we only spoke twice
    I'm sittin in your driveway callin' you from the car
    Suffice I think its safe to say you're not at home
    I'm callin your cell phone you answer
    But I can tell though that your not alone
    How was I to know it should of been time to go a long time ago
    I kept holdin on
    Its comical when I think back now
    Why I couldnt get the hint
    You feel the draft you were throwin I wasnt catchin' your drift
    But theres a cold breeze blowin over me
    Im over you, success is the best revenge to pay you back
    And that payment is overdue
    I overcame odds to get even
    The sober me is shittin all over the unsober you
    And I hope they play this at every club that your going to
    I'm hauntin' you bitch everywhere you turn im following you
    Cause I loved you with every ounce of me
    You know its true, its killin you now, yeah
    I hope the hoe dies slow in you
    Its cause of you now I dont 'em trust at all
    Fuck a middle finger up
    I'm gonna just keep grabbin my balls, cup em
    I'll never fall again, I trip on stairs, I fall up em
    So buttercup dont try to come back knockin on my door all dolled up

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