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    Long Long Time



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    Long Long Time

    Post  LunioLuny on Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:11 am

    Ooh Baby Baby
    Linda Ronstadt

    Oooh La La La La
    I did you wrong
    My heart went out to play
    And in came a lost you
    What a price to pay
    I'm cryin'
    Oooh Baby, Baby
    Oooh Baby, Baby

    These days I know I made you feel bad
    But I'm only human
    You've made mistakes too
    I'm cryin'
    Oooh Baby Baby
    Oooh Baby Baby
    Ooo Baby Baby
    Oooh Baby Baby

    I'm just about at the end of my rope
    But I can't stop tryin'
    I can't give up hope
    'Cause I'll be here
    And someday I'll hold you near
    Whisper I still love you
    Until that day is here
    I'm cryin'
    Oooh Baby Baby
    Oooh Baby Baby
    Oooh Baby Baby
    Oooooooooooh Oooooooooh Baby Baby

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