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    Youre A Superstar



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    Youre A Superstar

    Post  LunioLuny on Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:30 am

    Reach for the sky
    And hold you're head up high
    For tonight and every night you're a superstar
    And don't u be afraid
    Think of all the friends you've made
    Like any other night youve got your name in lights
    You're a superstar!

    you're a superstar
    you're a superstar

    In a world that gives everything
    dont u know that it dont mean a thing at all, at all
    for a superstar
    You've gotta find a rainbow
    tell the world what everyone else knows
    don't let them tell you to get a life
    coz they know you're a superstar


    If the thing you are today is what u wanna be
    so don't be someone else when u be the best so easily
    if u try if u need my baby you'll succeed
    and you're eyes will make you see
    you're a superstar x4

    you're a superstar

    and your eyes will make you see
    you're a superstar
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