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    SEO Basics for optimizing a website to Get Good Rankings


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    SEO Basics for optimizing a website to Get Good Rankings Empty SEO Basics for optimizing a website to Get Good Rankings

    Post  mrthought on Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:00 am

    SEO is the active practice of structuring a web site by improving its internal and external aspects in order to found, read and indexed by search engines for specific keywords and increase the traffic which the site receives from search engines. It is involved with lot of white hat strategies to get the website on the first page of search engines. Seo is not a magic. It is a process that requires the hard work and patience involve in it. It’s a time consuming activity that is why it’s said that seo is not a thing that you can get as an overnight success. I am writing this on the Basics of seo strategy so that you can concentrate on to get your website well positioned in the general (organic) search results. To start with seo basic keep it simple to start and later on can try the other difficult strategies.

    Optimize each of the web pages:-
    • Determine the best targeted keywords and try to make quality content around that.
    • Try to optimize all the Meta tags like Meta keywords, Meta description, title tag etc.
    • Optimize the alt tags and robot txt and keyword rich anchor text.
    • Navigation structure of the website should be good.
    • And organise the webpage hierarchy.

    Submit the optimized website to the major search engines:-
    • Submit the website to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask webmaster tool with the XML site map to get them crawled and indexed.
    • Submit your site to various social bookmarking and social networking site to get them index fast as these site are crawled several times a day.

    Get loads of back links to the quality content pages:-
    • Make back links with those sites which are related to your niche and has good page rank to get the SEO link juice resulting in the high ranking.
    • Publish unique and fresh content on the blogs and articles websites.
    • Write the content around the subject that relates to your main targeted keywords. And link back to your site using the keyword as the anchor text.
    • Don’t just only link back to your home page but also with the inner pages that contains the relevant content.
    • Remember the higher the competition of keyword the more difficult to bring the keyword in the top 10 ranking. For that need to build thousands of back links to get position.
    • Use quality and quantity back link strategies. Try to get the back links from the pr sites like pr1 to pr6. Should get back links from the mix of all.

    Seo is the continuous process:-
    • Only making well designed website and content is not enough for getting business through them. To get online success the seo is essential.
    • Concentrate on the seo on a daily basis. You will find the difference that where you were and were you are.
    Quality content will rank you well:-
    • If you develop the quality content for the web visitors and get the content indexed and then get it noticed by the other sites. Due to this search engine will see the relevant content and the importance and thus will rank you well.
    Use the ethical techniques:-
    • Be certain that you always use the white hat techniques so that you may not get penalized or get banned by the search engines.

    These are my tips in optimizing the website. It may not be complete and I may miss out other tips, but at least I know they are the basic. Does it sound a lot and difficult one….? Then I must say yes this is the reason why companies opt to use seo services with the seo experts.

    Do not be afraid to experiment. But there is a catch to this. You must also make sure that what you will be doing is considered white hat. What it means is that you are not going to do things that are deemed unfair, unjust, sneaky and even illegal in the eyes of the search engines and of your fellow internet marketers.

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