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    How to Get Revenue From Web Hosting



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    How to Get Revenue From Web Hosting

    Post  mrthought on Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:58 am

    Web hosting is a must for making a web site. You must find a good web host to make your web site up and running. But how about generating some extra cash from web hosting? Does this sound new to you? Ok, let us discuss this in the article.

    Now there is another way on internet world to make extra money from hosting which is called reseller hosting. The basic idea involved is purchasing a web hosting account and selling it at a higher price to gain profit. There are thousands of clients who are looking for a good web hosting company. If you have got unlimited bandwidth or even close to that, then you can divide the web space among your customers and they will pay bill monthly. All the web sites made will be on a shared server. Is not it interesting? Of course it is. Because you will never be out of business.

    Purchasing a reseller hosting account costs about $30-$40 only which is quite negligible in front of the profit you are going to generate from this. Now you have got unlimited web space. It is the time to find customers whom you will offer the services. It is the most difficult part in the process.

    Ask yourself why people will go for your service and what kind of features you can offer them. After you decide this it is time to market the product. If you have a website/blog with huge traffic you can advertise about your web hosting service there. Otherwise it is good to find some forums to advertise your product. Every webmaster needs a good host. By advertising in the forums you will surely get customers.

    Ensure that your customers are loyal. They should be serious about website and web hosting. If you get people who are not very serious, they might leave your service and go to somewhere else. So, advertise in such a way that it will create a good image of your brand and eventually it will attract more serious customers.

    Now you are done! You just paid $30 and got many customers who will help you generate decent additional income. Making money with reseller hosting is new in Internet world, yet it has become too popular. If you stick to a particular rule and get a lot of customers, you will definitely make a spectacular amount of income.

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