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    Where Do Broken Hearts Go



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    Where Do Broken Hearts Go

    Post  LunioLuny on Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:50 am

    I know it's been some time
    But there's something on my mind
    You see I haven't been the same
    Since that cold November day
    We said wee needed space
    But all we found was an empty place
    And the only things I learned
    Is that I need you desperately
    So here I am
    And can you please tell me (oh)

    Where do broken hearts go
    Can they find their way home
    Back to the open arms
    Of a love that's waiting there
    And if somebody loves you
    Won't they always love you
    I look in your eyes
    And I know that you still care for me
    I've been around enough to know
    That dreams don't turn to gold
    And that there is no easy way
    No you just can't run away
    And what we had was so much more
    Than we ever had before
    And no matter how I try
    You're always on my mind
    So here I am
    And can you please tell me (oh)

    Repeat Chorus

    And now that I am here with you
    I'll never let you go
    I look into your eyes
    And now I know, now I know

    Repeat Chorus (2X)

    For me
    You still care for me...

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