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    Angry Stupidity? Laziness? Child abuse?



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    Angry Stupidity? Laziness? Child abuse?

    Post  kemchua on Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:21 pm

    Today when shopping there was a woman at the same fruit counter as I. She had 3 young children with her. One boy about 5, a little girl about 3 and a baby bout 3 mths old.

    The young girl was standing in the trolley. The baby was laying in the seat part at the front without the safety straps done up. The boy was running free.

    I looked at the ever so cute baby and was sorely tempted to suggest to the mother that doing up the safety straps would be a good idea. Not being in the mood to be told to mind my own business I didn't.

    2 minutes later I really wished I had. I was getting bread rolls when a crash sound happened with instantaneous screaming from 2 young children.

    The running wild boy had managed to capsize the shopping trolley throwing the unrestrained baby onto the hard concrete floor with the older child following. Having the baby restrained would not have stopped the older child from overturning the trolley, only discipline would have done that. It would however have prevented it being turned into a projectile.

    How hard is it to know you need to restrain a young child when having them at any height. If you have them on a change table and have to take your hand off them put the straps on. Don't put them in a trolley 3 foot off the ground and hope gravity will hold them there. It only takes one drop to turn them into brain damaged babies.

    If you must and it really isn't recommended put a child in the basket of a trolley teach them to sit there. Trolleys are wider at the top than the base. Just like a triangle. They are not stable especially if your child leans out.

    If you must take a 5yo shopping then teach them some manners. Pushing trolleys is not a job for them. Get them to help you choose fruit/cereal/dairy, it is not only a great way of stopping them running wild but children who have chosen the food to eat are far less likely to complain and not want to eat at dinner time.

    This incident today wasn't an accident. It was the direct result of stupidity.

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