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    Orange tree

    Oranges can be grown, outdoors in warmer climates, and indoors in cooler climates. Oranges, like most citrus plants will not do well unless kept between 15.5°C - 29°C (60°F - 85°F). Orange trees grown from the seeds of a store bought fruit may not produce fruit, and any fruit that is produced may be different than the parent fruit, due to modern techniques of hybridization. To grow the seed of a store bought orange, one must not let the seed dry out (an approach used for many citrus plants). One method is to put the seed(s) between the halves of a damp paper towel until the seed germinates, and then plant it. Many just plant it straight into the soil making sure to water it with regularity. Oranges require a huge amount of water and the citrus industry in the Middle East is a contributing factor to the desiccation of the region.

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