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    CATFORD: 'Horrific' 12-hour rave leads to resident anger


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    CATFORD: 'Horrific' 12-hour rave leads to resident anger

    Post  Staff on Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:36 pm

    RESIDENTS have spoken of a "horrific and terrifying" 12-hour rave held at an empty house in Catford.

    Around 300 partygoers, aged 30 to 40, are said to have descended on a house in Bradgate Road at around 9pm on April 11.

    Neighbours say many of them arrived in big expensive cars and played "deafening" music until noon the following day.

    Maggie Smith, aged 47, says she went to see her mother in Bradgate Road after visiting her gravely ill father in hospital the same evening.

    The mum-of-five from Essex said: "Both my mother and I were obviously upset because of my Dad.

    But when the music continued into the early hours of the morning I went over to the house to ask them to turn it down.

    "I told the man on the door that my dad was dying and that we just wanted a bit of peace and quiet.

    "He looked at me and said 'I feel for you - but I'm trying to have a party so please go home'"

    Mrs Smith's father died in hospital the following day.

    Residents say leaflets were put through their letterboxes a few days before the party advertising tickets for £10 on the internet or £15 on the door.

    They also say the police did not arrive until lunchtime the following day when the music had stopped.
    Leroy Johnson, aged 45, who lives within 50 yards of the party house, said: "We all phoned the police but they didn't show up until 1pm."

    The IT consultant added:"The stench was unbareable. I could smell the weed in my own living room.

    "The bass from the music was deafening. It was shaking my living room and people were lobbing glass and cups into my front garden.

    "People were lying in the middle of the road as high as a kite.

    "I had just come back from a late shift and was desperate for some sleep. My wife and child were terrified by it all. It was horrific."

    News Shopper spoke to Met police who said they were contacted at approximately 9.10am on April 12 to reports of a party at a residential address.

    They said officers attended and spoke to partygoers about noise levels but that no arrests were made.

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