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    How to Avoid Snacking at Work



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    How to Avoid Snacking at Work

    Post  mrthought on Sat Oct 09, 2010 8:55 pm

    A healthy eating habit gets disturbed if you start consuming snacks regularly. It also disturbs your regular meal routine and nutritional intake. It leads to untimely meals and causes an imbalance in the metabolism. Without realizing, you end up gaining weight in the long run and start overeating.

    Here are some simple tips to avoid the urge of snacking:

    • Set a convenient meal routine at regular intervals during the day so that you do not feel uncontrollably hungry.

    • Try and eat meals on time, if you skip, you feel like munching something meanwhile and this disturbs your regular healthy intake.

    • Even if you want to have a snack, try choosing low fat and low-calorie choices. You can eat diet crackers and cookies, butter-less popcorn, sugar-free chewing gum, pudding or fruit salads without fatty content or even raw salads with lime.

    • Aromatherapy does work sometimes if you feel like munching something. Light some scented candles and allow the aroma to spread. Divert your attention to this soothing smell. It actually works!

    • In order to curb untimely hunger, you can drink water or fresh and natural vegetable or fruit juices. Herbal teas are a great choice but add honey instead of sugar. You may also choose to have non-caffeinated beverages.

    • Avoid purchasing too much of junk snacks and storing them. Buy snacks which are nourishing than tasty. Only then you would get tempted to have them.

    • Store healthy stuff in your snack boxes so that even if you want to have a snack session, you do not consume a lot of undesirable food items.

    • Divert your temptation of munching something by taking up some instant activity that would keep you busy. Engage yourself in some interesting puzzles, stitching, knitting, playing musical instruments, cleaning up your desk or spend some time outside your work desk.

    • Do not suppress too much of negative emotions. This affects your system and makes you crave for food. If you have too much pressure at work, vent it out to a person whom you can take into confidence. This does wonders to your system.

    • Try staying focussed on work and avoid distractions. This would actually not give you much time to crave for food.

    • If you are stressed, take a small walk around your office garden than walking to your food canteen.

    • Carry some fruits to your work. This would be a great replacement to high fatty sugar treats which make you crave for more.

    • If you have a vending machine at your office, avoid carrying coins in your wallet. When you know you cannot use it, you would not crave for the drinks.

    • A tiring day can actually make you want to eat more. Distract yourself by spending sometime in any recreational activity for a short while but avoid watching TV when you feel like snacking.

    In case you are not able to control your temptations in a natural way, you can consult a physician and consume an appetite suppressant. Natural alternatives are any day better than medicinal preparations that could cause adverse reactions to the body.

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