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    Watch out there’s a green-fingered thief about!


    Watch out there’s a green-fingered thief about! Empty Watch out there’s a green-fingered thief about!

    Post  Bromley on Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:17 pm

    Wise allotment users in the borough are signing up to the Safer Bromley Partnership’s brand new innovation - ‘Allotment Watch’.

    Launched on Sunday 5 April at Southlands Road Allotments, this new scheme aims to give advice to green fingered residents on how to protect expensive tools and equipment from being stolen - and to warn off light fingered thieves!

    Bromley Council and local Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams are offering a free safety ‘walkabout’ to identify security weak spots on allotments. By signing up to the scheme, people not only get general guidance, but more specific personalised advice about their particular site. Suggested ideas range from how to choose the best fence, suitable gates and good locks, hedgerows to deter trespassers and how to security mark property.

    Cllr Colin Bloom, Chairman of the Safer Bromley Partnership said after the launch: “Allotments provide a great sense of personal satisfaction and pleasure to users as well as being beneficial to the environment while encouraging healthy eating. It’s a travesty when gardening equipment which is sometimes hitech and expensive to buy, goes missing, but it is also surprising how often this happens due to it not being securely locked away. Even a humble spade can be desirable for some people to steal if they know that they can sell it on.

    “Allotment Watch is a great initiative which I am delighted to support. I hope that it will inspire gardeners to think ‘security’ when they put away their gardening equipment for the evening.”

    As well as advice on tackling allotment crime, the Allotment Watch pack also includes a form to sign up for the scheme, signs to warn wouldbe thieves and a separate advice leaflet on securing sheds whether on your allotment or in your garden.

    For further information on how to book your Allotment Watch security walkabout, contact Sue McVicker on 020 8313 4427.

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