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    Raining frogs and fishes



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    Raining frogs and fishes

    Post  aniyanshanthy on Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:18 pm

    I was very astonished when I came across a phenomenon called “Raining Animals” , while browsing net. Since this was not commonly known, I thought I would share the information with the others.

    Though it was a very rare meteorological phenomenon, occurrences were reported from various countries throughout history. The animals which usually get dropped were frogs and fishes.

    Rains of fish in India (2006) and Wales (2004), and frogs and tadpoles in Siberia(2005) and London(1998) were the recent occurrences.Once the rain is stopped there will be many fishes on the ground. The fish are not sea water fish, but fresh water fish; they are not dead, but alive; they are not blind, they have eyes; they are not big fish, but small; and the type of fish is not found elsewhere in the area

    They survive the fall sometimes.They are reported to be startled, though healthy.They exhibit normal behaviour soon after the fall.In some incidents they are frozen to death or at times covered with ice.This is an evidence of the animals being lifted to high altitudes
    where the temperature is below zero,by powerful meteorological forces.

    The possible scientific explanation is that waterspouts or tornadoes are capable of capturing these animals and lifting them to high altitudes, and carry them over a large distances.The winds allow them to fall in a particular area.This explanation is quite plausible, as the animals which rain are small and light, and a storm precedes the raining.

    Nature’s ways are very strange!!!!!!!!!!!!
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