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    Amazing Technology



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    Amazing Technology

    Post  aniyanshanthy on Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:14 pm

    I am sure you must have seen a lot coverage on "online tutoring" in the media. Have you ever thought about the advanced technology behind this method of teaching, or how it works?

    It is a revolutionary leap in the teaching industry.

    All of us have the experience of the traditional teaching of sending the children to the schools or tuition centres.There the tutoring is within the four walls of a classroom with a blackboard.

    Doesn't it sound great that the children can take the same help from a tutor at the comfort of their home!!!!!!! They need not travel,spend money or time.They can just sit in front of their computer and learn just as they learn face to face.

    Here the conventional classroom is replaced by a "virtual classroom",where you have a whiteboard, text chat, voice chat and many tools to write, draw, type.It has various options for the font and color.It requires the use of a headset,Digital pen and pad,webcam .

    They can communicate,share the whiteboard to work out problems, equations etc, and use the chat box to convey messages.The whiteboard also has the facilities to share documents, pictures,animations and the like, to make the sessions very lively.

    Though the tutor and the student are miles away,they meet online through the computer.They are only a click away from each other!
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