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    Home Dynamics Ltd , 1 Liverpool st ,London (Asad Ahmed/Christian Lordan)



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    Home Dynamics Ltd , 1 Liverpool st ,London (Asad Ahmed/Christian Lordan)

    Post  terryhh on Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:34 pm

    Please note this company is associated with Asad Ahmed & Christian Lordan,who are referenced under the Premier Extensions/First 4 Renovations building companies comments on this site.
    They may not appear on the company director details,as Christian Lordan has now been removed,but they are behind this company in yet another devious attempt to fleece any unsuspecting individuals.
    Avoid any dealings with these unscrupulous fraudsters,they will take your money and run.
    Hopefully one day they will get what they deserve and feel the full force of the law,and be removed from any interface with the public at large.


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    First 4 Renovations

    Post  musosman on Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:02 am

    Would like to see if any people with brains have read between the lines of First 4 Renovations and the exaggerated and one sided Cowboy Builders Programme. CAN ANYONE SAY THE FOLLOWING IS FALSE:

    Was all work done checked by 3rd party building inspectors and architects and signed off at various stages? YES, All work was checked at a minimum of weekly intervals, by third parties, who all confirmed work was being done to high level. Builds are not allowed to continue if a building inspector does not sign off every stage.

    Did the Cowboy Builders Team have a problem with the work? NO, They confirmed done by "Professionals".

    Why does Terry from Burgess Hill say the job cost £50k over budget to complete? When First 4's staff stayed onsite and finished the job, in a period were the worst snowfall for years fell in the 3 months of the job! Public Records show Terry sued First 4 for just over £2000 over budget at Northampton CC NOT £50k. Also First 4's quotation was £30k less expensive than his other 5 quotes! So Mr Greedy actually had his work completed for less than RRP, got a £2k bonus and I believe a half price kitchen using First 4's Trade Discounts, and a whole new side and back main roof for £4200 Of which a balance was still due.

    The program also fails to show Cosetta and her cannabis smoking paramedic husband actually had a substantial cash refund by Asad Ahmed personally. They also recieved a more than full refund judgement by a court, as First 4 never showed to the hearing. The program failed to outline that Cosetta's husband was put on a Neighbourhood Watch list for stalking staffs families homes, and when told not to, reported the staff to the police, who laughed off his allegations. Cosetta is free in admitting that the quote by First 4 was £20,000 cheaper than anyone else.

    Mr and Mrs Marr's appearance. The work was commended by cowboy builders as have been done by professionals. They remark that all that the Marrs had done was a base and two walls? Yes, the complete project was a base, two walls, steels and a roof. TV does like to make things sound dramatic. If you watch the program closly and listen between the acting, the Cowboy builders team estimated it would take 5 days to complete? They actually did it in 8 working days. NOW, they say there was £16,000 left on the contract when First 4 walked away? So how are they financially out of pocket? 8 days labour and 2 steel beams and roof materials does not add upto £16000!!! It would hardly have cost £7k to finish. No wonder Cowboy builders managed to redo the living room, repaint and floor everwhere, furnish the living area and redo the garden, with the change!!!

    Where is the financial losses here to anyone? To reiterate, no one paid any money over and above the point where First 4 never turned up. Minus a 10% deposit, all payments were in arrears after a building inspector checked the work, and all payments were pre agreed with the customers.

    Asad Ahmed has never been a builder, never professed to be a builder. Asad Ahmed was not a Director of First 4 Renovations from 2/6/2010!!!

    Asad never did any of the work on the sites, and was only involved in the sales of certain projects

    All information was provided to Cowboy Builders by phone and email, which they show on the programme, before Dominic Littlewoods rather dashing "Go, go, go" raid. Which was edited too.

    All information was also given to Pinchet productions prior to Dominic Littlewoods, "raid" on the former offices- which he knew were left the year before... All information relating to the company was also provided by email, before Dominic found his magic "black bag" of evidence (or business cards normal people call it!).

    P.S. The Asad Ahmed mentioned above is not responsible for the civil war in Syria or 3rd world famine.


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    Post  John on Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:42 am

    Lots of bad smelling history !!!


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    Home Dynamics/Raymond Hall

    Post  terryhh on Thu May 02, 2013 5:58 pm

    Please note that "Raymond Hall" another Bromley builder is now named as the MD for this company and also is listed on a number of sites with a company "Raymond Hall Builders" Bickley. Christian Lordan and Asad Ahmed are both associated with this Company and are still continuing to hide behind other names whilst attempting to further fleece unsuspecting members of the public.
    Please warn others !!!

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    Re: Home Dynamics Ltd , 1 Liverpool st ,London (Asad Ahmed/Christian Lordan)

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